Prof. Dr. h.c. Frank Neumann
Founding member: SADC

Over the past thirty years of professional experience, Frank Neumann has initiated and implemented educational programs in over thirty countries. Frank has also founded and managed small businesses, starting with the sale of telephones, computer hardware and programming of specific software and international consulting.  Frank has build his competences in the demand oriented conception and implementstion of education and training programs for the tertiary sector, the adult competence development and the (T)VET. His projects consisted of program and project development, need analysis, accreditation measures and even the development of demanded infrastructure and institutions. For Frank, the situation of the people in Africa has been a “stumbling block”  for many years with regard to the still existing exploitation of people by the industrialized countries and still a lack of demand-oriented, sustainable promotion of the economic activities of small and micro- enterprises and their access to international markets.