Association's strategic direction & Priority goals for the year 2021

A.  Association's strategic direction

Strategic Mission

  • Facilitating access to vocational training that provides all the necessary operational skills as well as a diploma to practice a profession independently.
  • Proposing vocational training in dual-track model, a model in which the acquisition of skills is based on an alternation between theory (in vocational schools) and practice (in host companies).
  • Partnering with organizations to create a turnkey training structure.

Fundamental values

  • Reducing labour shortage through cooperation with private sector partners.
  • Promoting integration through employment among young people, increasing incomes and improving working conditions.
  • Contributing to the eradication of poverty and the improvement of the economy.

Strategic intent

Within 10 years and thanks to the vocational training in dual-track model, the association facilitates the training of 500,000 Africans in operational skills allowing them to integrate the labour market and integrate into their society

Strategic area of activity

The association initiates, supports, assists or manages all projects related to vocational training according to the dual-track model.


  • Governmental, non-governmental or private organizations in charge of vocational training
  • Professional associations
  • Companies

Services (product and services)


  • Preparation of a studyplan, organization of training and certification of apprentices.
  • Training of all partners linked to the environment (teachers, trainers in host companies, ...).
  • Campaign to promote vocational training according to the dual-track model among the public concerned.


  • Collaborative approach focused on the needs of the principal.
  • Advanced access and knowledge of the dual-VET system.
  • Partnerships with internationally recognised organisations).
  • Flexibility and the ability to adapt training programmes to the predominantly African local context.
  • Partnership with various organizations of relevant training service providers on the African continent.

Business processes:

For each request, a service offer is drawn up relating to :

  • A description of the objective to be achieved
  • An overview of the working method
  • A calendar
  • An estimate of the costs

Support processes:

A member of the committee is responsible for the conduct of his project but can be accompanied by other specialists. The committee works as a resource to the project.

B.  Priority goals for the year 2021

For the year 2021, the association's objectives are to :

  • Create a visual identity for the association through a website and social networks
  • Initiate three concrete actions in three different African countries.